Why Beauty Brands Are Making Cannabis Beauty Products

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Beauty and cannabis. What could these two possibly have in common? Probably a lot more than what you think. Beauty businesses are always in touch and connected with their customers. Lately, there has been a growing demand towards companies who only produce beauty products that are healthy and natural. Many beauty companies are starting to experiment with different types of ingredients that have not been traditionally used in beauty products. This is where cannabis comes in. Cannabis is typically thought of in a different world. But the beauty world and the billion dollar brands that run this multi-billion dollar sector of beauty is starting to realize just how profitable combing beauty and cannabis could be. 

The business of beauty is big. The business of cannabis is big. Thus, the business of beauty and cannabis could be extremely big. There are a few major companies who are shelling out millions of dollars to see if the world is ready to purchase a cannabis inspired cleanser, shampoo with CBD oil or lotion made from the leaves of any cannabis extracts.

To understand the oddness of these two worlds clashing into one world one must understand the history of these two very different worlds. Beauty has traditionally been a world that appealed to an older generation who viewed beauty with a more traditional perspective. Today, the younger generations are the biggest buyers of beauty products. These consumers are modern, have progressive thoughts and tend to stay away from traditional beauty trends. These beauty consumers view beauty in a more bold and expressive way and would not mind cannabis being apart of their favorite lipgloss or face cleanser. 

The history of cannabis does sometimes have a stigma especially with older audiences. Cannabis is closely linked with marijuana. People have differing views of the herb. Some questions the psychoactive effects the herb could have on people if used in beauty products. Many beauty products that do offer cannabis products tend to stick to hemp instead of marijuana to avoid any psychoactive effects. 

Beauty and cannabis are very different from each other. Beauty businesses are all for pleasing their customers. They do realize a shift in their customers. What worked for customers a decade ago just won’t do it today. These young customers are more experimental and love to hop on the new natural beauty trend. But since the beauty world is being swamped with much younger people who are opened to trying new beauty trends cannabis seems like the perfect fit. 

Beauty and cannabis are being bridged together. Beauty companies everywhere are ready to cash in on this new mashup. Only time will tell if this is a short-lived trend. Cannabis does offer many healthy natural benefits that consumers place a high priority on when purchasing products. However, when one thinks of the health benefits of cannabis and the growing need of customers wanting natural and healthy beauty products, one would say that the chance of cannabis lasting in the beauty world is a strong possibility.

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