Nine Sewing Businesses to Start from Home

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Do you like to sew and want to turn your skills into a business? If Yes, then let’s read on to see the tips offered by any Viking Sewing Machines louisville ky. They show us 9 top sewing business sewing ideas you can start from home. Take note though, these sewing business ideas may not be a business that makes a ton of money but it is a side business to get you started. 

Pattern Makers

pattern maker takes an idea and makes it into a pattern. These are professional patterns that manufacturers use to create commercial fabric finished pieces. Pattern makers are detail oriented and have top-notch sewing skills. This type of business can be very lucrative, especially if fashion designers like your work. 

Sample Maker

This person sews a clothing piece from an initial pattern. Essentially, this is the person that sews the first finished piece to see how long the process takes and see what the finished clothing product will look like. The sample maker is the person who looks for flaws in the pattern and determines whether the finished product is viable for the cost. This professional works with production sewing. 

Online Sewing Courses

If you love to sew, and everyone around you raves about the things you make, you can pass on that knowledge through online video tutorials. You can use platforms like Udemy to market your courses and make money from them. All you need to do is create video courses and then market them through a website, on other video sites like Youtube, or on other tutoring websites. 

Sewing Specialist

As a sewing specialist, you sew clothing or crafts in a way specified by a commercial pattern. The sewing specialist is also an industrial sewer, familiar with a number of different types of machines. This professional needs to have exemplary sewing skills and also needs to understand patterns well. 

Craft Cross Stitching

This is a special crafting type of sewing where you match the sewing grid on the fabric. It is great for placing logos on caps, t-shirts or other types of advertising fabrics. For commercial cross stitching, you will also need a specific embroidery machine. 

Clothing Alterations

Another option is to offer alterations to people in your locality. You do have to be a real people person with this business as there will be a time when you have those difficult customers. If you love sewing, want to become an entrepreneur and pay attention to the small details then this is the ideal small business. 

Wedding Dress Designer

This is the person that creates wedding dresses or evening gowns. To start this business you need to have fashion design skills as well as be able to sew. You’ll wear many hats here and have to market and promote your wedding dress business. You’ll also need to be able to communicate with clients effectively in this position. Your location will also matter when it comes to this business. You need to be in a physical area that has traffic and also have an online presence. 

Pet Wearables

Pet product sales are skyrocketing. As an entrepreneur in the sewing business, you might want to go into pet wearables. You can select fabrics, cut patterns and sew interesting pet wearables that appeal to pet owners around the world. You can sell your designs online and avoid needing to rent a storefront. You’ll just need a website, or you might even decide to sell on platforms like eBay or Amazon.


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