Effective ways to control fire accidents

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The fire has great influence in our lives and it was the main source where the man survives in the extreme weathers. If you are reading history, the fires have great importance in upgrading man’s lives and without the help of fire, men couldn’t survive. As time goes on, the need for fire get increasing but it’s really important to have control over fire accidents. The fire of the modern era is totally different with the Stone Age fire and it’s most dangerous than before. The human explores the different types of fire with the passage of time which needs a certain type of protection. The human has the need of fire in almost every operation whether it’s cooking the foods, generating lights or heating water. The human would have the need of fire at every stage of lives and it’s even more important to understand that, what are the different types of fire and what are the effective ways to control the fire accidents.

Types of fire

There are many types of fire but 3 types of fire are common and each of them is dangerous in their ways. Each of them needs a certain type of protection and fire equipment to have control over them. Some types of fire are down below.

  • The wood fire is the common fire accidents that, you can control by throwing water over it but when it goes to the extreme case then you should go for a fire It can help you to have control over wood fire quickly and in other words, you can name these fire equipment’s as life safety equipment because without the help of the fire equipment we wouldn’t be able to control fire accidents. You need to fire extinguisher testing on the periodic basis to make assure that, it’s in working condition or not.
  • The gas and petroleum fire are the dangerous accidents in the world. When you are dealing with gas and petroleum, you need to install all the fire equipment which can minimize the chances of fire accidents. It’s always better to install all the safety equipment which can help us in an emergency.
  • When we are talking about fire then, the electric fire should also be considered. We need special fire equipment to control the fire accidents because the electric fire spread rapidly and you need to have special equipment to control.

Ways to control fire

There are many ways to control the fire but having the effective way is really important and there are some down below.

  • Installing the fire extinguisher is one of the important ways to control fire The fire extinguisher comes into different types and each type used for each type of fires.
  • Throwing water on fire can help to have control over it but not in electrical fires. In case of electric fire, try do not throw over it because the water helps the electric fire to spread rapidly.
  • Try to install all the fire safety equipment’s to decrease the chances of fire accidents such as fire alarms and fire sprinkler.
  • In extreme cases, try to call the fire department to have control over it.

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