Looking to Renovate Your Kitchen the Easy Way? Consider These Tips!

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You may be exhausted over how your kitchen looks and functions. However, any dream you have of renovating your kitchen is likely immediately removed when you remember just how expensive renovating can be. If you want to renovate but you have a tight budget, you can still bring enough change to your kitchen that it becomes an entirely new space. The secret of doing this is by renovating with purpose. You only need to change a few select things in order to change the whole. This article will offer you tips on how to renovate on a budget but still completely change the appearance of your kitchen. 

1. Cabinets

Your biggest helping hand is going to be cabinets. Whether you have a lot of cabinets or don’t, by changing them out, installing some custom cabinets Eden Prairie MN, or even just removing them entirely, you can literally change the entire aesthetic of your kitchen. Custom cabinets, in particular, allow you to design the shape, size, color, and material. Even if this is the only thing that you change during your kitchen renovation, you’re going to receive a huge benefit from it. Custom cabinets can not only serve a better function for your kitchen but it can also completely change the kitchen’s appearance. Try adding in some bright white, industrial grey, or soft grey wood cabinets to see how the aesthetic changes your kitchen. Once you’ve decided on what color and material looks best, you can design the rest of your kitchen around them. 

2. Flooring

A single project that you can do to renovate your kitchen and make it look a lot nicer is just simply doing some flooring. Perhaps you’re tired of the tile or wood that lines your kitchen. If it’s old, then it’s likely seen a lot of traffic and messes. Even just for sanitation’s sake, you should switch out your flooring for something new and updated. This is where you can really play with contrast. If the walls in the kitchen are dark, then try for a bright flooring. Do the opposite of the walls are a dark color. By adding in contrast, you can make your kitchen pleasing to the eye as well as adding in a third dimension. 

3. Countertops

One last big change that you should consider are your countertops. These are big slabs that tend to carry most of the color and type of material within your kitchen. By switching those countertops out with something else, you can also change the entire aesthetic of your kitchen with a single project. Perhaps you’re fond of that industrial aesthetic. A slab of smooth and dark concrete might be all your kitchen needs to carry that aesthetic through. Work with different samples to see what best fits your kitchen and the home overall. Renovating can be a costly venture. However, you can often easily change an aesthetic by following some of the tips here.


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