A Guide on How to Work with Virtual Assistants Productively

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Working with virtual assistants can be very beneficial as they can save you many hours of work a day. To work well with virtual assistants, you must provide them with the right training systems and tools. There are many other ways that you can maximize your virtual assistant’s time. Here are strategies you can employ when working with a best virtual assistance company in your area.

Explain Everything There Is About Your Business

Virtual assistants have varying skill sets and come from different background. So, you should ensure that you look for a professional who will easily understand the nature of your business. They need to fully grasp your line of operations. You do not want to spend a lot of time training remote workers. Once you have explained yourself well, ask them questions to confirm they can represent your business accordingly.

Your Instructions Must be Clearer

If you do not provide clear instructions for different tasks can result in a lot of problems, and this is perhaps one of the main reasons many Vas do not work well with business people. So, if you can, design an operational manual that the virtual assistants can follow.

Use the Right Tools 

With the right tools, business processes can be improved significantly. Some common tools to use include G-drive or Dropbox, where your Vas can access data and files. Consider Skype Screen Share or any other tool that can make online processes easy for your virtual assistants.

Consider the Schedules of your Virtual Assistants

This is true when you are working with a company or person in a different time zone. You must determine how both of you can work amicably. Never expect a person to adjust to your time zone. So, determine the best collaborative platform to use and the best way to communicate with each other. Also, take into consideration culture and public.

Communication is Key

It is important to record and store everything. Organize one on one meetings and design screencasts. Check if your virtual assistants are facing any problems. Keep in mind, communicating all the time does not mean the VAs are incapable, but this is key to prevent the process from breaking. Invest as much time as possible to communicate, and your rewards will be incredible.

Be Realistic

To know how competitive your virtual assistants are, you need to test them with both simple and complex tests. The practical limits that the virtual assistants will complete or achieve will enable you to evaluate whether or not they can meet your business goals and needs.

Allow Your Virtual Assistants to Ask Questions

Typically, virtual assistants like to impress their clients at the start just for the sake of it and do not ask crucial questions about the project at hand. However, as a businessperson, what you are looking for in a virtual assistant is honesty in communication and work. As such, the virtual assistant should feel at ease to ask for guidance or clarification without fearing or feeling bad. This will save everyone’s time, especially in the long run.

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