How to Properly Vet Electricians for Your Commercial Business

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Generally you should never attempt any type of electric work unless it is screwing in a light bulb. If you own a business it is paramount that you seek professional help. Shoddy work can cost you big, damage your property, and make you liable for all sorts of nastiness. However, even hiring a professional electrician can be risky. This is why when searching for a good electrician you should keep these factors in mind. 

Make Sure They Are Legit 

Not every electrician you find online is 100% legitimate. Such contractors may provide exemplary work but if something goes wrong you are left in a heap of trouble. So the first thing to make sure of when considering a service is whether or not they have the proper credentials. A legitimate electrician will be licensed and have proper insurance. This protects you from being held liable should an accident occur and someone get injured. It also prevents you from holding the bag with your insurance provider. 

Check Their Expertise 

There is a difference between residential wiring and commercial wiring. Just as there is a difference between repair and design. Master electricians can design whole systems for homes and offices, whereas journeyman electricians can only provide repairs. Such repairs are also limited to that electricians skill set. So make sure you do some homework and hire an electrician who can actually fix your problem. This is why your internet searches should be as specific as possible. Any Commercial electrician Allentown will provide you with choices closer to what you actually need more than a general search for “electrician” will. 

Look at the Reviews/Ask for Recommendations 

Commercial contracting work of any kind leaves a distinct virtual trail behind it. Good work for instance will garner positive reviews from customers and high ratings on watchdog sites. Bad services will create forums for complaints, consumer warnings against using said company, and a lack of stars on the company’s BBB rating. In these cases you want to go with the crowd. Do not expect to be the exception to the rule because it will not happen. If most of their customer base received shoddy service so will you. So choose companies with the best ratings and reviews. Also, ask the company for recommendations. Legit services will always have some ready from viable sources. Companies that hand you a one word sentence from some guy named Rick how has no last name should not be trusted. 

Look for Complaints 

Finally, be sure to look for any complaints levied against the electrician. Formal complaints are a matter of record and can be accessed online. This can be very helpful for vetting a company. What you want to look for is complaints that are few and far between. Do not expect a squeaky clean record because no is perfect and some consumers cannot be satisfied no matter what is done for them. However, if a company has a series of complaints for the same problem and many of them are recent it is a warning sign.


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