Six Tips to Choose the Best Shipping Container Hire Service

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If you require shipment services for your business or storage needs, it is vital to select the right hire services that can meet your needs as well as give you value for your money. Today, there are thousands of shipping container hire services to pick from. For this reason, many people end up confused on which one is the right one to work with. However, this should not be your biggest worry now. The following are tips to help you select the right shipping container hire service that will satisfy your needs.

Review Your Location

It would be a wise idea to select a shipping container hire melbourne service that is located closer to you for quicker and cheaper service delivery. For instance, you can find companies that can make free deliveries or at a smaller cost when you are located nearer. All you need to do is research and make comparisons of different local companies within your area to find the best deal.

Reputation is Crucial

Most of these shipping container hire firms make compelling adverts of their superior services and how they are the best in the industry. However, for them to be authentic, it takes more than an advert. Companies that understand the customers’ needs should probably have been in the industry for a long time. For this reason, they cannot afford to sacrifice their reputation – something that takes years to build.

Make Price Comparisons

It is also wise enough to take time and shop around, comparing prices to determine the standard shipping container costs to hire. Sometimes the cheapest isn’t always the best, however, understanding different company’s prices provide a better edge while bargaining for better deals. Ensure you compare the price against services offered to be on the safe side.

ISO Certified

When planning to hire a container to ship your items, you should ensure the company conforms to the relevant ISO standards. This way, you will avoid rubbing shoulders with the authorities involved in the shipment. If this is not considered, some shipment companies may refuse to move your cargo.

What is the Grade of the Shipping Container?

Regarding the container’s condition, there exist various grades such as Grade A, B and C. Grade A signifies a container that is in the best condition for use, almost as good as new. On the other hand, B grade container still has some good condition, while C grade is just in a normally fair condition. You probably want to hire an A or B grade container.

Are There any Required Repairs and Modifications

According to your needs, ensure you also determine whether the shipping container hire company can perform any required repairs or modifications to the container. For instance, if you specifically need it for storage, you may need to reinforce the doors as well as buy new locks that provide more safety and security. Other things such as cooling, heating and electrical installations should also be considered.

Finally, different shipping containers for hire have a varying price range for their services and containers as per their condition. When the difference between new and used is insignificant, making the latter choice is a wise thing to do. Use the above tips to find a reliable shipping container hire service and save yourself the hustle.

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