Tips for Maintaining an Air Conditioning Unit at its Highest Efficiency

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Maintaining your air conditioner not only saves energy and money but also extends its lifespan by avoiding early repairs and replacements. An air conditioning unit requires regular attention to ensure it runs smoothly at the highest efficiency. The best time for air conditioning maintenance Fort Wayne IN is just before the beginning of each cooling season. An air conditioning unit can comprise either a heat pump or furnace, which cools and heats a room. Some air conditioning units have an outside system and an interior one to aid in cooling and heating a room. The following are tips to ensure an air conditioning unit operates at its highest efficiency.

Debris Removal

It is always wise to remove debris from the compressor or condenser and clean the fan cage. You can use a tool such as a wrench or a screwdriver to remove the fasteners and then lift the fan grill on the top of the HVAC unit. Using a dry or wet vacuum or hands, remove any debris and leaves from the interior of the system.

Levelling the Unit

The condenser sits on a pad that tends to tip over time as the debris and leaves settle beneath it. As a result, a faulty condenser unit can cause the entire HVAC system to fail. However, homeowners can use rot-resistant shims and check their condenser for the level to keep it to its optimal level. Those that use a heat pump can slope their pad slightly away from the foundation of the house to allow for run-off water to defrost.

Change the Filter

You need to change the filter in the HVAC system at least twice in a year, once before the winter and once just before the summer. However, people that live in dusty areas might need to replace their filters more often than their counterparts in non-dusty areas. Homeowners should be keen to ensure that their new filters have the same airflow rating as the old ones. Homeowners also need to be careful with air purification because it can reduce the flow of air, which ultimately causes the indoor coil to freeze. The indoor furnace where the fresh air return duct enters is the best place to locate the filter. You might need to use a wrench or screwdriver to loosen the fasteners before opening the door to the filter enclosure.

Shut Off the Power

It is always wise to turn off power to the HVAC unit due to the dangers of working around the moving parts of an air conditioning unit and electricity. On the exterior compressor or condenser, homeowners should look for a shut-off box near the HVAC unit. You might also need to shut off the breaker box and turn off the power on the interior condenser.

Clean the Fins

After removing the outer covers, homeowners can use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt on the outer side of the unit. Using a garden hose, spray water through the fins to remove any debris that might have built up between them. Caution, never use a pressure washer, as it can damage the fins.


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