Steps To Improve Your Heating System Now

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Its winter time and you have not checked your HVAC system. You go to cut on the heat and surprise, you have no heat. Today we will discuss a few steps to save you an expensive service visit. Also, we will look at what to look for in good HVAC contractors. 

Call A Professional Service To Service Your Heating System 

Not unless your HVAC unit is new, your unit needs to be serviced by a professional. This service will ensure your HVAC unit is running efficiently. That being said, we will go over the things you as a homeowner can do to get ready for the heating season. 

Radiators And Forced Air Heating Systems 

Traditionally, homes either have forced-air systems or radiators. In the case of hot-water type radiators, the air has to be released out of the system. This process is known as “bleeding”. 

The boiler has to be started up before the “bleeding” process can be started. Also, the circulator pump has to be running. Once the boiler and circulator pump is running, open the valve on the radiator. You should make sure and have a bucket nearby to catch the water. After air has been released and water is running, close the valve. 

Making Your Heating System Smarter 

One of the easiest ways to make your heating system more efficient is to replace your current thermostat with one of the new programmable “smart” thermostats. They are no harder to install than traditional type thermostats and many have the option to control with your smartphone, tablet, or computer even when you are away from home. The savings in energy costs over time will more than pay for the initial cost and installation. 

Finding A Good HVAC Contractor 

What probably the best way to find a good HVAC contractor and service business, thru word-of-mouth. Ask your family and friends and if you hear the same contractor twice, you have found you a good HVAC contractor. Also, if you inform the contractor you were referred by family or friends, there is a good chance they will provide the best possible customer service for your heating installation fort collins co. After all, no business wants negative word-of-mouth.

How important is word-of-mouth advertising? Some contractors look at word-of-mouth advertising as more important than print, TV, or ads on social media. Of course, as we all well know, social media can be a business’s asset or determent. Another good example of word-of-mouth advertising in print that can affect a business positively or negatively by one single comment. 

Finding A Contractor Licensed And Bonded 

Of course, as a homeowner, you do not want to be responsible for your worker’s accidents. Finding a contractor licensed and bonded places the responsibility on the contractor, not the homeowner. A good contractor will have the necessary types of insurance so your homeowners’ insurance will not be liable if an accident was to happen.


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