Keep Your Furnace Running For Years to Come

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You depend on your furnace, and if you live in a colder climate, you depend on it to keep you warm in the winter. If your furnace doesn’t work, then you won’t be able to be comfortable in your own home, and you could be looking at a number of very serious situations such as frozen pipes. It is a good idea to get your furnace regularly maintained in order to keep it running smoothly and to also detect any issues early on, but even if you get routine check-ups, you can still experience issues with your furnace. 

There are many different things that could go wrong with your furnace. The most common issues that people experience with their furnace is caused by the lack of regularly scheduled maintenance and furnaces can also have issues because of wear and tear. It is important to change your filter every couple of months because if the filter in your furnace is clogged it can cause your furnace to work much harder. If your furnace isn’t heating or isn’t putting as much heat as it should you should get it checked out by an HVAC contractor. A heating cincinnati oh expert will be able not only to perform a routine checkup on your furnace but they will also be able to fix any problem that you have with it. 

There could be an issue with the lower belt, and it could be frayed or slipped which would cause it to make a high-pitched squeal. If there is an issue with the ignition or pilot control, you won’t get any heat from your furnace. A malfunctioning thermostat could also cause your furnace to malfunction, and frequent cycling could be due to a bad thermostat setting or a clogged filter. If you notice that you have a flickering or a yellow pilot light it could be an indication that there is an excess of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly gas that cannot be detected by smell which is why it is known as the “silent killer.” You should have carbon monoxide detectors in your home and particularly near the bedrooms in your home. 

Other issues could include worn out ball bearings, and if this is the case, you will hear a scraping sound. If you hear this sound be sure to turn off your furnace right away and call your furnace technician. Whatever the issue is don’t try to fix it on your own. Not only is it too dangerous and there are many delicate and intricate parts of your furnace that you don’t want to damage but trying to fix your furnace could void your warranty as well. 

You can check for things such as your filter to make sure that it is not causing your furnace to have problems, but in most cases, it is necessary to call in the professionals. They are experienced and trained to work on furnaces and will be able to troubleshoot and fix the problem quickly.

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