Cool and Warm Your Home Using Earth-Friendly Technology

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A home’s HVAC system does not have to impact the wallet and the environment. There are sustainable systems that tap into the earth’s natural resources and at the same time, help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. When in the market for the right heating and cooling setup, consider a geothermal cooling system as a potential eco-friendly alternative. 

What is a Geothermal System? 

A geothermal HVAC requires a below ground and indoor setup. This technology uses mechanisms to transfer heat from the ground where temperatures are consistent all year round. The technology cools the home during the summer and heats the home during the winter. This is also known as geoexchange process. Some of the technologies used for a geothermal HVAC setup include a ground heat exchanger and a direct exchanger system. 

As a heating medium, it pushes warm water from the earth into a heat pump. The water warms the air, which is then diffused into the home through a duct system. Finally, the water flows back into the pipe exchange network after warming the home. As a cooling medium, the geothermal pump removes the heat from the water, which passes through a duct network. Using the same duct system, the cool air flows into the space. For those who are looking for an alternative HVAC setup for the home, a qualified provider can explain the process behind a geothermal system. In Missouri, look for geothermal cooling system services Wildwood MO for a qualified installer. 

Benefits of a Geo-Powered System 

Just like any green eco-friendly system, a geothermal setup provides a host of benefits. First, it does not pollute the environment. As it warms or cools the home, the system does not emit or produce harmful greenhouse gases unlike some conventional HVAC equipment. Since it taps into a natural source, it also contributes to reducing reliance to oil or gas. Only certain components of the geothermal setup require electric power. 

The system also prevents intermittency issues since the system is powered by natural sources. A geothermal HVAC has little maintenance requirements. The system is buried below ground and installed indoors. This protects the components from direct exposure to the sun and other environmental hazards. The geothermal HVAC can be installed as part of a home’s green energy system. 

More Homes Are Using Green Technology 

With the demand for green homes, sustainable energy sources and designs are being integrated into residential and commercial properties. Aside from solar and wind energy, geothermal HVAC is now becoming an alternative but eco-friendly option for the homeowner. For those who are concerned about aesthetics, it also helps that the system can be seamlessly integrated into the property since the components are buried underground. 

When looking for a new HVAC system for the home, consider all variables in the search. With a geothermal-powered HVAC, one gets an efficient cooling and heating setup but with additional benefits. The system requires investments in money and time. Over time, these investments are recouped through accumulated energy savings.


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