Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Modular Construction

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When people think about constructing a home, they mostly imagine that they must undergo long processes of finding a suitable land, getting the design ready, the whole construction process and spending a lot of money to be able to have their home ready, but that really is a thing of the past because the current trend is all about modular construction.

People are restless in the 21st century. Everywhere in the world, things aren’t reliable and steady as they once were. Nothing seems permanent. It is precisely why modular constructions are becoming so sought after.

Modular construction is about buildings which are constructed off-site, in double-quick time. The buildings are then produced in modules and put together on-site. Just because modular buildings are built so quickly doesn’t mean in any way that they are inferior.

Robust, Stylish and Cost-Effective

The sheer beauty about these buildings in the 21st century is that they offer amazing flexibility – created to specific requirements, and they are not only high quality but also wonderfully cost-effective.

There are no long delays with getting that much-needed office space or an additional classroom, for instance. Modular structures can be produced within tight timescales, which means getting your extra space on time and always within budget.

Elite Systems – they’ve got the Experience

It’s why Elite Systems (www.elitesystemsgb.co.uk) are such an obvious choice. They design, manufacture and install modular houses as well as modular buildings for the commercial sector – from single-story temporary structures to large-scale permanent buildings.

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all and each building done by Elite is according to the client’s unique requirements. Not only that, they’ve got many years of experience, having been around since 1991, providing their clients with unique buildings that fit their style exactly.

If you’ve got an architect’s plan, Elite Systems is able to work with it, keeping in close contact with other building professionals to ensure the blueprint is adhered to.
They’ve got modern manufacturing facilities where they produce both temporary and permanent modular structures to meet every requirement – from the most basic to the most elaborate. Their Building Information Modelling service allows the client to see exactly what the finished product will look like.

Some of the modular buildings they have already completed –

• Classrooms
• Libraries
• Offices
• Residential accommodation blocks
• Hotels
• Sports facilities
• Cinemas
• Laboratories
• Health centres
• Hospital wards …. and much more

All Building Codes and Specifications Adhered to

As with any other buildings, modular structures also have to comply with the same building codes. Once they are assembled, you wouldn’t know that these are structures which were assembled elsewhere – they just look as regular as any other building.

The only way to enjoy huge success with these modular structures is to ensure you choose reputably, trusted modular construction experts with all the right accreditations to their name.

Elite Systems – Highly Accredited

Elite Systems is a member of the MPBA. This stands for Modular and Portable Building Association. Objectives, as well as codes of conduct, have been established by the MPBA, and belonging to it means a company such as Elite Systems can be trusted to provide regulated work.

Apart from this, they are a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, Trade and many others. Just belonging to all these reputable organisations means that Elite Systems can be relied upon to offer the best products and services.

Elite Systems makes sure that their structures comply with all regulations, that they match the character of the area they’re in and that they’re eco-friendly. They’ve got more than 30 years’ experience and have all the expertise to bring your modular building-ideas to fruition. No matter how tall your order, Elite Systems manages to tick every box for excellence.


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