What is the Difference between Bad Debt and Good Debt?

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Borrowing money from a lender is not considered as a good act. However, during financial crisis a person borrows money from a reliable finance provider. They do take loan to meet their immediate needs and later on they pay back the borrowed money with interest. This way, the borrower and the provider of the money are benefitted.

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Now, you must be wondering about good debt and if there is bad debt as well. Yes, there is good debt and bad debt. In simple words, the debt that is repaid without any hiccups is good and the borrowed money unable to pay on time is bad.

Now more about good debt:

Usually, debts bring in lots of negative thoughts and till you are out of it, the stress is felt all time. However, some debts are termed to be good as the borrower as wisely planned before borrowing the debt and followed it till the debt is fully paid.

  • When you borrow from reliable lenders.
  • Often people in haste forget to know more about the finance firm before applying for loan. In course of time, they find themselves paying back more than normal interest as there are hidden charges deducted from the loan amount sanctioned recently. People having good debt have done their homework right by verifying the reliability of the lender.
  • Consider the ways to pay back the amount borrowed.
  • It is quite important as it helps not to worry later. The planning makes it possible to payback on time and to be safe from penalties. People having good debt spend less and try to save more to fully payback the loan amount as early as possible.
  • Try to have lower interest.
    • They apply for loan in reputable creditor’s firm believed to provide loan with lower interest rate and negligible surplus charges. Thus save money by not paying any extras fees as well as try to pay reasonable interest rate.
  • Think twice about the time limit of short term loans.
    • By extending the time period to maximum they are able to remain stress free from finding ready cash to pay amount immediately. Moreover, taking maximum time helps lower EMI and reduces interest rate.

Reasons of Bad debts:

  • Mostly people try to avoid as they are afraid of penalties and other excess charges added to the principle amount to be paid whenever possible. Unfortunately, during financial crisis they aren’t able to pay back the amount on stated time.
  • It always happens when you unwisely choose a substandard finance lender service. Unknowingly in haste, you borrow from them and pay for all kinds of charges. Mostly, people are lured seeing the low interest quoted by the creditor.

Hence, always try to have good debts that are stress free.

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