Professional Parking Lot Paving 101

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The condition of your business parking lot says a lot about the first impression of your business. A business parking lot showing signs of aging can leave a bad first impression on your customers. Seeking any commercial parking lot paving norfolk va? Running your business successfully should not be interrupted by aging or damaged parking lot asphalt. We are ready to handle all of your business parking lot and paving maintenance needs. Our service will help you to make the right first impression with a professional looking parking lot.

The Need for Paving Services

Constant changes in temperature and can cause your parking lot to deteriorate over time. Noticeable damage may be in the form of faded striping, cracks, and potholes. These types of damages can be dangerous for your customers, resulting in liability lawsuits in the event of an accident. Our goal is to help you maintain a parking lot that adds visual appeal to your business, while helping you to avoid the costly lawsuits. Our professionals use quality materials and advanced techniques to address your every paving need.

Repaving versus a Seal Coat

After all the necessary pavement maintenance repairs are made on your parking lot, durability is the next factor to consider. Seal coating is generally done after your pavement has been allowed to cure. The sealing process forms a strong barrier that will prevent water penetration and deterioration of the parking lot. This makes sealing your parking lot a very cost-effective solution as opposed to just repaving it and leaving it brittle. The choice to just simply repave or use seal coating will determine the life of your pavement. Construction professionals suggest using a sealcoating extend pavement life.

Maximizing the Life of Asphalt

Seal coating and crack sealing are preventive maintenance techniques that can extend the life cycle of asphalt. Our professionals can help you to establish a asphalt maintenance routine specifically catered for your business to improve the lifespan of your parking lot. This routine can help you to maintain a professional looking parking lot throughout the lifespan of your asphalt.

In addition to providing ongoing follow-up, business owners can improve the life of the business parking lot by:

  • Cleaning the parking lot, removing debris and spills like water and oil, or chemicals.
  • Inspecting the parking lot for cracks that can be repaired early before major structure damage occurs.
  • Observe the parking lot’s draining system to ensure that not water is pooling and creating an area where it can damage the structure.

Keep in mind, when your parking lot asphalt begins to cool after maintenance, the life cycle begins. Any visible deformities should be addressed right away.

Commercial Parking Lot Paving Services

Some of our specialty services include: Pothole repairs, Crack sealing, Resurfacing, and Seal coating. Regardless of the paving work you need, we are here to provide quality service at an affordable price. Let us come out today and perform a quick measurement of your parking lot and get started right away!

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