Packaging Fragile Items When Moving

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Between boxes and packaging, transport and organization, a move becomes a moment of great stress, but anxiety can be avoided if you know how to move. Most people figure it is just common sense but when it comes to the actual packaging, many mistakes are made. 

Whether it’s near or far when it comes to moving Chicago IL residents generally question how to package delicate items for transport. There are four important items required for packing up a home: boxes, bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, and newspaper. 

Packing Your Fragile Items 

Individual items, like glasses, fine china, and dishware should be wrapped in newspaper, and then a layer of bubble wrap, and placed into the box one layer at a time. Once you have laid one layer of fragile ware down in the box, use polystyrene chips to fill the empty spaces, for the packages the tubes with the inner tube. Also, you’ll want to pack the heaviest items at bottom of the box, and the lightest up top. Why so much wrapping? At the end of their journey, many people only wish they had used more paper, bubble wrap, and polystyrene chips to protect years of glassware, fine china, and delicate collectibles. The more cushion you have between fragile items, the better protected they are. 

Never pack additional items, like cutlery, with glassware or dishes. It may seem obvious, but in a hurry to get everything packed, many homeowners have made this mistake. Also, do not over pack boxes. The weight of too many items can cause cracks from compression. 

There are also padded cases, specifically made for fragile dishwares, like fine china. It’s a good investment for expensive items that you plan on keeping for years to come. 

What About High-Priced Large Items? 

To pack a chandelier, that has a lot of crystal, the first thing to do is disassemble it in all its many pieces. Each piece will be individually wrapped with newspaper and bubble wrap and placed in a box. 

The central core of the chandelier, however, must be intricately lined with newspaper, then wrapped with bubble wrap, and boxed separately from the other components of the chandelier. Always remember to fill in the empty spaces with crumpled sheets of newspaper or with polystyrene chips. 

Even for computers, it is a good idea to protect the monitor, and screen, with bubble wrap to prevent from being scratched or dented. 

Is the Type of Cardboard Box Important? 

When it comes to using boxes for moving, durability is crucial. Of course, there are many variables to consider when purchasing a box. It must withstand environmental issues, and have other boxes stacked on top of each other will affect its strength. 

When purchasing corrugated cardboard, typically used for packaging and moving, there are several classes that determine the maximum strength and rigidity characteristics. There is cardboard weight, thickness, resistance to bursting, and even box compression. All these characteristics can meet the different needs of users and can offer more protection when moving. 

Moving items from one home to another can sometimes be a cause for concern, but if you prepare ahead of time, and know how to pack your delicate items, these tasks can become effortless.


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