Change is a Beautiful Thing

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After what seemed like the longest winter ever, especially with the polar vortex, the weather is finally beginning to break. As the weather warms up and spring steadily approaches, it is easy to get a feeling of renewal and change. When most people think of spring, they think of flowers, gentle breezes and plenty of outdoor activities. One other thing most of us think about as spring approaches is spring cleaning. For most people, this may consist of a thorough cleaning of the home as well as simply storing away all of the winter items such as coats, blankets, etcetera. While this is common in most households, many other people like to fully embrace the idea of change during the spring and use this opportunity to redecorate their homes. 

For most of us, our home decor may stay consistently the same for years and years to come. Think about your grandmother’s house, for instance. Grandma has probably had that same couch and pictures on the wall since your mom was a baby. From the couch to the curtains, your grandma’s house probably maintains the same decor year around. However, with more and more trends engulfing the world and people embracing modern culture, it seems everything is all about the new. More and more, people are not only changing upgrading their iPhone’s each year, but their home decor as well. 

While for some, changing your home decor may seem like a waste of time and somewhat of a daunting task. However, for many people, especially millennials, changing your home decor frequently can do a lot for your mood and energy. In fact, according to the pseudoscience of Feng shui, your environment can have an enormous impact on your mood. 

Though there are many people who hate change, change can be a good thing as it can break up the monotony. And if you live in an area where the climate is generally the same year round, some new decor can do wonders to enhance your overall environment. Whether you are an old school type of gal or guy or prefer a more contemporary look, upgrading even just a few furniture pieces can make a huge difference. For the millenials living in Florida where seasons are almost non existent, renewing your decor can give you that new vibe that comes with spring. Just search for any contemporary furniture miami fl and you will find so many different looks to choose from no matter what your style is. 

At the end of the day, the one constant thing in life is change. And while some things are out of our control, such as the weather or many other things in life, there are many other things we can control. For the most part, our humble abode is one of them. You’d be surprised what new curtains or a new chair can do for not only your spirit but your body as well. They say when you look good, you feel good. Well, when your home looks good, you will feel great!


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