Things You Will Need to be a CDL Driver

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You can make good money if you have your CDL license. Because you are looking to be a commercial driver and there are guidelines, there are things you will likely need when you are applying for one of these jobs. What are some of those things?

A DOT Physical

There are certain health requirements you have to meet when you are looking to drive commercially with a CDL. To ensure you meet the company’s guidelines, one of the things they will ask for is a DOT physical. This can’t be done by just any doctor. There are different DOT certified doctors who you can go to in order to have this physical done. You will have to look in your area as to who you can go to within your area. This will have to be renewed every so often. The amount of time in between when this is due to be renewed depends upon the expiration date they gave you. There are some where you have to be rechecked within 6 months while there are some that are good for 2 years. 

The DOT Truck Inspection

Most of the time if you are using your own vehicle to drive commercially, your truck will have to be looked at. Just with the physical when you are going for a CDL Truck Driver Positions Available Mid South, you can’t just go to any old mechanic. You will have to go to one that is certified to do DOT truck inspections. When you drive commercially, they want to ensure your vehicle is in tip top shape to drive. A truck that has any problems could be a risk not only to you, but to everyone on the road around you. This inspection needs to be performed yearly. 

Your CDL License

Of course, if you are a CDL driver, you will want to be sure to not let your insurance you will have to have nor your license lapse. This is hard to reinstate and costly if you allow this to do so. It’s a lot of expiration dates you will have to keep in mind of, but these two things are by far the most important.

Drug Tests Needed

Another thing you will need to do is submit to a drug test. Normally, every company will make you do a drug test when you first hire on with their company. You have to be clean as they don’t want any impaired drivers on the road with all the things that could go wrong. However, once you are hired on, you might be selected randomly from time to time to do a random drug test as well.

Every company might have additional things you might have to have when you hire on. Experience and doing a road test as well as some sort of orientation are always a given. So, be prepared for that. Ask as many questions when you are filling out the application so you can be prepared so as not to hinder the hiring process. 

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