Seven steps to get you CBAP certificate

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  • Introduction:

CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis Professional. CBAP certification is introduced By IIBA. It is an opportunity for those, who are looking for a professional carrier in business analysis. CBAP is a gold standard in the business analysis profession. The CBAP is created and introduced by the international institute of business analysis. The international institute of business analysis (IIBA) is a nonprofit organization aim to promote the growth and professionalism of the businesses.

  • What is CBAP?

Many eligible people think they want to be certified in CBAP. But they never started yet. Obliviously the examination for Certified Business Analysis Professional is quite difficult. It becomes easy for you only if you go through some predefined process. This article will give you a broad idea of CBAP examination so that eligible people are able to create their own foolproof plan for the CBAP examination. You will able to get more from the foolproof plan only if you are preparing it according to your needs.

  • Step 1: Obtain and Skim the BABOK

BABOK stands for Business Analysis Body of Knowledge. The BABOK consists of general knowledge and practices in the Business Analysis profession. The CBAP examination basically depends on the BABOK guide so everyone should read it. If you are a member of IIBA them you can use BABOK free of cost, but if you are not a member of the IIBA then you have to pay to download BABOK pdf from the IIBA. BABOK helps you to know the commonly accepted practices in business analysis.

  • Step 2: Apply for the Exam

Before appearing for the CBAP examination you have to make an application for it. There are some criteria if you are fit in the criteria then you should be applied for the CBAP examination. The major eligibility criteria are you should work 7500 hours of business analysis in the last ten-year duration. There are some other eligibility criteria also like minimum high school education and two work reference etc. Once you have submitted the online application for CBAP, you have to wait for 21-day for the response from

  • Step 3: Read the Entire BABOK

Once your online application has been submitted successfully, you should start the preparation for the CBAP examination. Before any other preparation, I recommend all CBAP aspirants to read the whole BABOK. You can begin reading from your interested area. You should begin with the grouping of the knowledge area and their task. There is 7 knowledge area consisting of 32 tasks.

  • Step 4: Absorb the BABOK

The people who are passing the CBAP examination have a good understanding of BABOK. There are some tips through which you can absorb the BABOK in a more effective way. Group study is one of the best strategies to get more out of BABOK. You can m=create a group of CBAP aspirants who always motivate each other to keep studding. You can join a preparation class to understand a difficult concept form the BABOK. If you are not comfortable with group study then you can study on your own. You should

  • Step 5: Take Practice Exam Questions

Practice examination will help you to find your trouble areas. You can improve those trouble areas by giving more focus on them.

  • Step 6: Do Final Preparation

Before Examination, you should ensure that you are ready for the examination. You can prepare your tough areas once this stage. It will help to improve your passing chances.

  • Step 7: Do a “Brain Dump,” then Pass the Exam

On the examination day, you should be with your high energy, you should feel comfortable. Take sufficient breakfast and drink enough water will help you to maintain your energy level.

  • Conclusion

If you follow these seven steps and dedicate yourself for the preparation of the CBAP examination then you definitely pass the CBAP examination. You can enrich your experience with the CBAP certification.

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