How a Call Routing Platform Can Improve Your Business

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Companies who utilize call centers or have large call volume know the importance of getting calls to the right places. This is why using a call routing platform that operates in real time is beneficial for high call volume. 

How Most Companies Benefit From Call Routing Platforms

Today, there are many types of platforms that small and large companies may consider. The are some brands that offer platforms that combine online lead generation software with call routing. Many of these platforms are still only designed for routing calls to extensions and voicemail for specific individuals. 

Why would your business benefit from utilizing an automatic call distributor system? Some of the many benefits of these platforms include: 

  • Automation and improved customer service
  • Automation combined with call tracking
  • Intelligent routing based on queues

Improving customer service is the primary benefit of utilizing a Real Time Call Routing Platform. When a company is unable to answer customer calls, it relays to the customer that they are not important, and that you are too busy to work with them. 

Additionally, it should also be noted that utilizing a call routing platform like this can help you scale your ability to take on more phone calls when call volume increases. Every company will face their own cycles of incoming calls. The difference that call routing platforms can make can promote better business practices. This means that callers will face a lower wait time for their call to be answered, and they are more likely to improve customer satisfaction. 

When a customer is on hold for less time, this also means that your call center can be more productive with their time and call handling. One of the challenges a company or call center faces when they fail to use a call routing platform, is call abandonment. Regardless of the product or service you sell you should place a high value on customer service. 

This means that you want to reduce the number of abandoned calls. Keep clients linked to your business at all times by reducing their hold time. The longer a caller waits, the more likely they are to seek out your competition! Recently, Forbes shared their thoughts on how improvements in the workplace can be made. One of the realities that was noted was the use of automation. The automation is directly linked to the use of call routing systems. 

This article in Forbes was clear that failing in customer service was linked to the lack of systems put in place for call management. Using a call routing system is no doubt intended to aid in fielding more calls and getting them to the proper place is even more important. The tools are much needed to tag calls in the right fashion so that they get to the right people on time. Research shows that most experts agree that if calls are fielded properly, there will ultimately be a higher level of customer satisfaction for all companies. 

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