The History Of Tractors On Farms Around The World

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Tractors are the number one piece of equipment that is used on farms. They are used to pull and push other farm equipment and complete many types of agricultural tasks. This article on Wikipedia shares the history of tractors and why they are so useful. 

Tractors were first introduced in the early part of the 19th century, during the industrial revolution. They used steam engines to operate and had a flexible belt to move other equipment. It was Richard Trevithick who designed the first tractor in 1812. This machine was used to pull a corn threshing machine and was called the “barn engine”. 

The traction engine was introduced in 1859. This involved a fitted sprocket on the end of a crankshaft that made the tractor self-propelled. This basic design was used for the next sixty years with little change. Over that period of time, most farmers saw the value of tractors and how they could greatly increase the efficiency of planting, growing, and harvesting crops. They gained widespread acceptance and started to be used throughout the world. One of the exceptions was in England where their heavy, wet soil meant that teams of horses worked better than tractors did. 

In 1892 the first tractor powered by gas was invented by John Froelich of the United States. He patented his design, started a company, and put all of his money into it. Unfortunately for John, the business failed and he lost everything. An oil-powered tractor was also designed which started to be used on some farms in England. 

It was in 1901 that the first successful gas-powered tractor was created. This took place in England and the inventor, Dan Albone, patented his invention and started to sell it. This tractor was a success because it was light, compact, and powerful. It only had one gear for forward movement and one back for so it wasn’t the quickest machine but it did the job well. 
The first commercially successful tractor in the United States was built by Charles Hart and Charles Parr in 1903. They sold 15 tractors in their first year and went on to further success. Their tractors weighed 14,000 pounds and one of them still exists at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. 

Farmers buy both new and used tractors depending on what best suits their needs and budget. Most tractors for sale indiana can be bought at a set price from other farmers or can be purchased at auction. An example of the ones available from various auction houses can be found at this link. Tractors are built to last so even 50-year-old ones are still bought and sold. When a tractor goes up for auction the bidding generally starts at $100 and increases from there. 

A new barebones tractor can cost around $10,000. The top-end tractors that huge commercial farmers use can cost upward of several hundred thousand dollars. These very expensive ones incorporate the newest technology such as GPS tracking and self-driving modes as well as engines in the 150 hp range.

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