Put Away Your Ocean Schooner

ROCKLAND, MAINE -- 07/31/2015 - The Isaac H. Evans is looking for a new owner. Captain Brenda Thomas, who has owned the boat since 1999, said it was time to let the boat go and opted to do so by holding an essay contest. Hopefuls are to submit a 200 word essay with a $125 entry fee. Ashley L. Conti | BDN
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Everyone likes to keep their toys in the ocean, or on the dock, but not everyone can afford to put their boats in the water during the entire year. That is why I started surveying the area for the prime real estate where I might be able to park my toys. I have a collection of sea fairing vessels that deserve to be run at full throttle throughout the year, but I’m not always able to get onboard when I’d like to. I’m busy with the wife and kids, and I have an important job in the city that causes me to form a rather tenuous grasp on nature. But trust me, I’d rather be using my crafts where they belong. 

There’s storage units all over town, but not all storage units have the space for a vessel as large as the one you own. You’ll want to put the boat in an approved spot where it’s safe. If you’re parking the boat and trailer anywhere on the street, it might get vandalized or stolen from the neighborhood. There are bad people out there, and some of those people like to steal boats like yours. You’ll want to protect your craft from the hands of evil-doers. 

You might try to put that boat and trailer on your yard. I saw my neighbor down the street tried doing this once with his boat and trailer. He actually wrapped a thick chain around the trailer to keep it safely tied to his tree, but it looked awful. As you can imagine, the front lawn is not a nice spot to keep that sort of thing. It looks terrible to the neighbors. Believe it or not, this man was single for years. He didn’t find a wife until he learned to put his boat in a better place at night. 

There are all types of great places to keep your precious belongings, but you’ll need to use some common sense when finding a place to store something as large as a boat. You can store the futon furniture from your college dormitory in the basement. You could try parking the extra lounge chairs and old pottery collection in a storage unit in the city. But you shouldn’t be careless when it comes to your expensive boat. Luckily, you’re not alone. In fact, plenty of people are looking for any boat storage units redmond wa. There’s more prime real estate in Washington for boat storage than there is in the ocean. 

Don’t leave your boat to rust and collect barnacles in the bay. Take a drive by the boat storage facility to see if it meets your boat’s needs when it’s not at sea. You’ll be surprised how convenient it is to use these types of facilities. Not only is storing your vessel in a safe place a smart idea during the winter months, but if you’re not using it on a regular basis, maybe one of your children will want to use it later.


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