Reasons to Have a Security Guard at a Business

Two security guard in office.
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Regardless of where a store is located, there is always a possibility of theft occurring, it’s just a fact of life. This happens to be the case for both small and large businesses, including retail stores and financial services institutions. Depending on the amount of shrinkage a retail store experiences as a result of theft, there is a significant chance of recovering the expense of an unarmed security guard in just a short amount of time. 

The presence of any unarmed security guards las vegas nv deters crime because criminals tend to bypass locations that might become problematic. Essentially, criminals understand that the presence of a security guard might increase the likelihood of them getting caught during the process of stealing. In addition to deterring crime, having a security guard also increases the feelings of safety and security for both employees and customers. This is especially true when it comes to places of business,like banks, where criminals seem to be drawn because of what they consider a high potential for reward, despite the serious risk involved. 

In addition to banks, retail shops with high-value merchandise is the type of business that benefits significantly from the presence of a security guard. Beyond deterring crime, they also put customers and employees at ease because they feel safer knowing that there is someone present who is dedicated to their personal safety. 

Another type of business that can significantly benefit from the use of a security guard is one that’s located in a high crime area, for obvious reasons. If there have already been incidents of crime in the area in which a business is located, then not having a security guard is taking a bigger risk than necessary. Not only is having a security guard beneficial in this type of scenario, but it is a critical part of ensuring the success of your business. 

One of the reasons why having a security guard works so well at deterring crime is because security guards receive training on how to detect crime based on suspicious behavior. They are far more proficient at spotting a criminal than employees of a business. Security guards understand the kind of behavior that’s typical of someone with nefarious motives. They can also more effectively use surveillance equipment as part of the process to optimize the outcome of their efforts. 

In the event that an incident occurs, a security guard is better prepared to deal with the situation than an employee without the proper training. There have been scenarios that placed a business at risk legally because employees attempted to handle a theft, but their actions were outside of the law and company standards. 

As it relates to employees, many security guards also provide an extra level of protection during closing hours, which is especially valuable when a business has late store hours and few employees working. A security guard can provide escort services to their vehicles, which also mitigates risk to the business because it increases employee safety.

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