Important Considerations When Choosing a Custom Rubber Manufacturer

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When you need to choose the most reliable rubber manufacturing and supply company for your projects, you need to consider several things. If your business is after cheaper production costs, then you automatically think of the lowest price comparison or bid. But sometimes, there is less to be offered from low bids compared to the mid or high-range cost of rubber molding. This might be relative to the product quality or amount of amenities offered by the manufacturer.

Furthermore, it could mean that some of the associated fees and costs for custom rubber manufacturing are excluded from the price. If you need to work with offshore manufacturers, then you have to consider additional costs as well as communications involved. The following are vital things to consider when choosing a company for your custom manufactured rubber products.

Quality of Materials

When you think of custom rubber keypads, there exist various material types for accomplishing their design. Poor quality results in low performance, less durability, and colorfastness. Remember, products that should be replaced frequently due to low-quality material end up to be too expensive in the end.

ITAR Certification

If you reside from the United States and seek reliable custom rubber manufacturers, then look for ones that comply with ITAR (International Traffic Arms) regulations. This also applies to offshore rubber manufacturers. If your company is a military contractor designing products to be used in the military industry, ensure that you look for ITAR-certified custom rubber manufacturers.

Shipping Costs

The way product innovators will embrace the completed product is highly vital. Delivery using the local means or posting it as a parcel is cheaper compared to shipping the products via sea or air. Furthermore, depending on the delivery time required, freight size, weight, and return policy, overseas shipping can be exponentially costly.


One of the factors that can distinguish custom rubber manufacture firms is the language barrier, varying time zones, and inability for effective basic communications. For instance, there exist different aspects of keypad manufacture and other rubber products such as special coatings, color, and size. Following the right criteria and sorting out the technicalities can be quite a challenge if you are not speaking the same language. Additionally, companies working in nations on the opposite side of the world clock experience delays in business transactions up to a day.


In many cases, one custom manufacturing company may include some amenities while charging for products, while on the other hand, some have a certain price for a basic product without including any extras. For instance, one custom rubber manufacturer can offer a slightly higher charge for the assembly of parts while the other may ship the single product pieces without any assembly. Thus the clients should perform the assembly on their own.

Finally, product support and the quality of work are additional factors to consider as major points while selecting one manufacturer over the other. All these are five considerations you should put on your checklist while finding a reliable manufacturer.

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