Types of brick fences and why should you have them?

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If you are looking to build your new home in a new neighborhood or you are just looking to level up your current mansion and want to look the part, then brick fencing would certainly be the right choice to start with.

There are numerous benefits of brick fencing and home owners have them build around their homes for many different purposes. What we would like to say is the fact that they are not just brick fences, they make your property standout.

So we take it as our responsibility to discuss with you the types of brick fences and bring to your knowledge the great benefits of having a brick fences. Yeah sure they are expensive but that is the nature of the best products.

Types of brick fences

Generally there are two types of brick fencing styles today; open and closed. In those two styles you will find many different types of styling and brick designs namely for adding beauty, security and value. So why not discuss them in a little detail, shall we?

Open brick fencing

Want to show off your beautiful mansion? Then open brick fencing should fit your needs where it is designed to show off your yard and house for passers-by. Its construction involves the use of spaced brick pillars and iron fencing in between them. It proves to be a great choice if you are looking to add a bit more depth to your property and mix it with a little more shine.

Closed brick fencing

This one is generally required by those searching to add a bit more security and privacy to their property, and who doesn’t want that? Closed brick fencing is where you get a complete wall-like structure around your house, where the brick fence is constructed with more height, unlike the open brick fencing, to add more privacy and security.

Benefits of adding a brick fence to your property

Adds beauty

A no brainer when it comes to the benefits of brick fencing is that they are a sight to behold. With so many styles and designs in brick fencing available you can always add a different dimension to your property.

Durable and strong

Apart from the beauty they add, bricks are extremely strong. Their production requires for clay bricks to be fired in kiln which fuses their particles, giving you a fiercely strong product which retains its shape and strength for decades. Practically it requires little to no maintenance for many years to come.


Brick walls have proven to provide added security to your property, especially if you go for closed brick fencing. It is a durable material and simply difficult to be penetrated hence it keeps most intruders away from your home. And apart from keeping you safe from intruders you can also count on your brick fence to protect you from certain natural hazards. As we know Australia suffers from wildfires and your home is located in a wildfire prone area your brick fence will put up a good fight to prevent any fire spreading to your area.


Brick fencing is a great construction element to be added to your homes and property. Not only has it provided something for the eyes but also able protection and security. They are not just brick fences, they are more.


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