Tips for Hiring and Retaining a Qualified Staff

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Whether you have a business with more than a thousand employees or less than ten, it’s important to hire qualified employees. Not only is it important to recruit individuals that have the necessary skills to excel in the role, it’s also important to retain good employees. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is spending a lot of money to hire personnel, only to watch them walk out the door permanently, along with the costs associated with training a new employee. Fortunately, there are ways to both hire and retain qualified staff.

For starters, recruiting isn’t what it used to be years ago. These days, an effective recruitment plan requires you to not just use the traditional means of recruiting, but to also leverage social media platforms to identify qualified talent. This is especially true when it comes to hiring younger people in Generation X or Generation Y. A successful recruitment strategy will involve current employees by providing incentives for recommendations. It’s a proven fact that companies often find their most qualified employees through the recommendation of existing team members. Not only is it a convenient way to build your team, it’s also cost effective. 

A critical step in the process of recruiting employees is screening. There’s a good chance that you will attract a lot of attention from many interested candidates with the right advertising. However, there are many times when the hiring committee or the hiring manager doesn’t ask the right questions to ascertain whether the person would be a good fit for the team. In addition to having the technical skills to get the job done, you’ll need to ensure they have the necessary soft skills. For instance, are they equipped with problem solving skills? Are they capable of collaborating effectively in a team environment? What about their communication skills? Although every position is different, these are all skills that should be assessed. 

If you need more time to find the right candidate, you can always hire a contractor until you’re able to find the right person. For instance, if you need a welder, you might consider contacting a Welding Contractor Union dallas tx to secure qualified talent. You can also work with a staffing agency to find temporary help in the areas of accounting, payroll and general administration. In the event that you get help from a staffing agency, you can use their temp-to-perm program to find your next new hire. There are many solutions when it comes to getting temporary help while you identify the right candidate. 

When it comes to retaining employees, the aspects of the job that most impact your ability to retain good employees is the company culture, pay and benefits. Additionally, a lot of employees want to feel like they’re making a difference and growing in their profession. To avoid losing a good employee, it’s important to maintain open communication so that you can uncover any problems early on and make the necessary adjustments.

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