The Tattoo Industry & Traditional Tattoos

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The tattoo industry as we know it today is far different than before. In today’s world, it’s more of a fashion statement for people getting tattoos and, a way of making money for those who give them. Before, it was practiced more out of necessity or to show who and what you belong too. Its a very old tradition. In fact, the oldest tattoo was recently dated to be from around 3350 BCE. So, as we can see, tattoos have been a part of our culture for many years. That being said, today’s traditional tattoos and the tattoo industry has its own historical value.

Traditional Tattoos in America

With its own long history, The United States has also been heavily involved in the tattoo tradition. Specifically, American tattoos are the choice of ink design. In contrast to other designs, American traditional tattoos have intense and defined lines with more of a realism theme to them. The popularity of this tattoo style started as early as the 19th century. Instead of other meanings that other tattoo traditions carry with them, American traditional tattoos were meant for creating encouragement and desire during a time of war. Today, they have more of a patriotic pride meaning to them and are very popular with Americans. Virtually every American Traditional Tattoo San Diego ca shop offers them. 

Business in the Industry

As mentioned before, tatooing was never intended to be a way of making money. However, the tide has turned completly the other way in the 21st century. Now, there are dedicated tatoo shops and artists who spend a fortune learning the art. In turn, some also make a fortune doing it. With the amount of money that is poured into every year, business in this industry has accounted for a nice boost in the American economy down to the local level. As a matter of fact, the tattoo industry has accounted for over $2 billion over the last six years. With that amount, we really get a sense of how big the industry is and how much it is growing. Speaking of which, the tattoo industry is on an interesting upward trend.

An Upward Trend in the Tattoo Industry

In the last decade, the tattoo industry has had close to a 10% increase. This mainly includes a business increase and the number of employees which has grown 7.1% and 7.0% respectively. All together, that’s nearly a 1% growth every single year. In addition, when we compare that to other business industries, the tattoo industry is one of the fastest growing in America. Broken down even further, the numbers grow exponentially when we look at the industry worldwide.

The Future of the Tattoo Industry

We’ve taken a look into the history and current upward trend in the industry so, it’s safe to assume that the future looks healthy for the future of it. In other words, there are sure to be many new jobs and tattoos in America because of how fast it is growing. Needless to say, if we want a piece of the benefits the tattoo industry is sure to have in the future, we need to jump on the trend now.


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