Pros And Cons Of Powder Coating For Your Business

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Powder coating is applied to different material as a dry powder. It’s essentially paint without the solvent that makes it wet. It’s applied using electrostatic and cured under heat. While there are a lot of different applications for powder coating, it’s mostly used on different types of metal products. 

While powder coating is one of the most common types of paint applications in use today, it doesn’t mean that it is always what you need for your job. There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to powder coating Melbourne and a lot of things that you should know before you make a big decision. It’s important to know as much as possible before you make a decision and here are a few pros and cons that you can think about. 

Pros Of The Powder 

Powder coating is a lot harder and more durable than most types of paint after it has been properly cured with heat. That doesn’t mean that it is the most durable finish that you can choose for your project, but it is certainly among them. If you are wanting a long-lasting finish that will take some damage, it might be the best choice. 

Among different coating options, powder coating is among those with the least impact on the environment. Instead of pouring out excess material after a job as is done with a lot of paint, it is all collected and reused for use later on. In addition, the coating process happens in an environment that is completely sealed which means that not only do contaminants not make their way onto the surface being coated, the coating does not make its way into the environment either. Industries are always looking for ways to make their business sustainable and powder coating instead of painting might be a good step to take. 

Since there is little waste, little money is wasted when it comes to material. This can make quite an impact when it comes to cost especially with larger projects that require the coating of several different pieces. A lot of the cost when it comes to powder coating is associated with the application and curing processes themselves instead of the material that is being used. 

Cons Of The Coating 

It can be difficult to match colors correctly if something needs to be patched in the future. This is because the powder that isn’t used is usually collected and reused for different applications. This means that there is a chance that there will be cross contamination. 

If you are wanting a thin, smooth finish, powder coating might not be the best option for your project. The finish that powder coating produces is usually thick and not recommended for anything that requires a finish that is thinner than 6 mils. Options like paint might be better in these instances. There are a lot of different options on the market today. Powder coating is among the most popular for the reasons listed above and more.


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