How to Safely Operate A Large Passenger Van

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Anyone who needs to transport a large number of people or products is in the market for a passenger van. While large families can make effective use of a large passenger van it is usually businesses who own and operate them. This includes daycare centers, youth sports programs, retirement homes, construction firms, and courier services. The Wikipedia page on vans, found here, shares that there are also ones that are specially-equipped for television news crews who use them as a mobile studio. 

Most towns have a high-traffic road where passenger vans and other vehicles can be purchased. There are often four or more dealerships in a row down one or both sides of the road. Passenger vans Kirkland WA, for example, can be purchased from multiple dealerships located on the main road through the city, NE 8th St. 

The largest passenger vans can seat 15 passengers. While these are in high demand and can commonly be seen on the roads people should be aware these are quite a bit different from driving a smaller vehicle. This article by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) describes how drivers can maintain safety while using a 15-passenger van. 

The person behind the wheel of Fifteen-passenger van should be highly experienced in operating one. These vehicles, again, don’t drive like a minivan especially when they are loaded with passengers. They are cumbersome vehicles that are a big safety risk when the driver doesn’t know what to do in a dangerous situation. 

The driver must stay focused on the road around them at all times when driving a fifteen-passenger van. This means getting adequate sleep and not ever using a phone when driving. They should also not engage in many conversations with the passengers. If it’s a passenger van for a daycare this means there should be another adult employee on board who can deal with any issues that crop up with the children so the driver can maintain their focus. 

The driver of a large passenger van should always stay at or below the posted speed limit. A big passenger van requires additional distance and time to come to a stop when braking as compared to a smaller vehicle like a sedan. They are also not built for quick maneuvers so the driver needs to always be aware of the road ahead so there is never a need to make quick moves. 

Of course, all of the people on board should be wearing seat belts when riding in a passenger van. The business operating the passenger van should check all of the belts on a regular basis to make sure they are all in good working order. When transporting children in daycare each should be individually checked to make sure they are strapped in and safely ready for the road ahead. 

For any vehicle, it is critical to maintain proper tire pressure. This is especially true for large passenger vans as they are already cumbersome to drive as is. The spare tire should be checked on a regular basis as well to make sure it still has the right amount of pressure in it.

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