How to Locate Heavy Construction Equipment

A crane is essentially a machine with a purpose of hoisting overhead a load to be lifted, moved, and replaced to another location. Cranes come in different types: to be used on land, air, or at sea. In construction, the crane is used to lift very heavy equipment or materials. When a crane is stationary it cannot be moved; on the other hand, a movable crane can be moved and is usually driven from place to place. When a movable crane is placed in position where it is to be used, it uses hydraulic jacks to stabilize itself so that it will not move when being used. 

Types of Cranes

Locating a crane for your project is easy today with the internet. There are at least 12 crane types of cranes that can be used and each one has a specific use. A industrial contractor wouldn’t use a harbor crane for a job that needs mobility, nor would an all terrain crane be used to do what only a harbor crane could do. When locating a crane take advantage of the internet, as if you were to use the yellow pages. As an example if your industrial job is locate in Peoria and you want to rent or contract a local construction job and you are needing a telescopic crane because there will be moving objects at different levels throughout the days and weeks ahead then simile use a telescopic crane company peoria il in your internet search. This keyword search will only search for telescopic cranes advertized in Peoria. 

Many Moving Parts

No matter what crane you use in your industrial work safety should be the first priority. Any crane will have many moving machine parts, especially many heavy parts that if they make contact with someone can be lethal. Therefore, industrial contractors do not allow anyone near a crane while in use, except the person driving the crane, called a crane operator. The same can be said of a crane that is lifted above the ground as an aerial, harbor, or tower crane. With cranes that are above ground a perimeter should be placed around the working area of the crane so no one is allowed to work underneath the crane, since if something falls off the crane to the ground a person could be seriously injured.

History of Cranes

The first recorded cranes were use in ancient civilizations as the Greek Empire. They were use to lift heavy objects. This was before the industrial revolution and had o engines, but did use the power of beast of burden as donkeys and other powerful animals. Historians and archaeologist have found evidence of the harbor cranes along the Middle Eastern Sea routes, giving evidence that they were used to load and unload ships that were traveling to bring cargo to and from central ports. These early cranes were built with the most useful of materials being wood and later cast iron, but it was not until the Industrial Revolution that cranes came into their own and steel as well as iron was used for their construction. 


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