How virtual phone numbers help sales and marketing

The facilitation of voice communication through telephone calls is a vital part of any business’s sales and marketing strategy, with many people feeling more at ease knowing they can get answers to their queries over the phone rather than waiting to receive an email reply.















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Whilst traditional phone lines have been a large part of customer support initiatives, there is an increasing case for virtual phone numbers. These have some tangible benefits, so let’s take a look at a few.

Local business presence

The first big benefit of virtual telephone numbers is how they bring your business closer to your customers’ homes. This virtual number gives your business a presence that instils trust in your customers, which can only increase your chance of securing new business.

There is also an improvement to your business profile. You can have multiple virtual numbers for the departments within your office, meaning your business can seem bigger than it is. Many consumers will be further enticed by this.

Strategic use of number prefixes

Virtual phone numbers enable you to utilise different prefixes. These include ones that are free to call from mobiles and landlines, such as 0800 numbers. You can find more information about free and charged calls on the government website.















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The availability of freephone numbers can hugely increase the ability and willingness of customers to make phone contact with your business. This is mainly due to the familiarity of 0800 numbers alongside the cost of contact being negated.

Businesses also have the option of utilising other prefixes. By working with an international VoIP wholesale provider, multinational companies can provide benefits to their customers, and themselves, by using country-specific dialler prefixes. International calls can incur hefty charges, so the introduction of a local number to customers in a specific country will be more than welcome.

You can find out what to expect from an international VoIP wholesale provider from a specialist such as


Virtual numbers have a variety of benefits that can improve telecommunications for businesses and consumers alike, meaning there is no excuse not to upgrade your telephony to this new standard. International barriers are being broken down through the leasing of local virtual numbers in a variety of countries, reducing costs for consumers and increasing trust levels due to use of local number prefixes.

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