Background Checks May Preserve Your Reputation

We all hope that every person we encounter in life has a squeaky clean criminal record, particularly when looking to hire someone to work for you or your company. Though some individuals were merely down on their luck when their crime was committed, there are others whose crimes make them someone that most people would rather not work in close proximity with. Additionally, it may not be in your best interest to hire those who have committed certain types of crimes, such as violent or financial crimes, as they may become a liability or ruin your reputation. If you are looking to hire someone new, there are many reasons why you should consider working with criminal background check services prior to selecting an individual to fill an open position. 

Embellishing a skill or two on a resume is one thing, but outright withholding a criminal past as required by law is another story. While we would hope that job applicants are smart enough to be honest on their applications, there have been instances where those with violent or financial criminal pasts still manage to squeak through. This usually means that these individuals lied throughout the application and interviewing process and may very well be hired by you without detection. 

It is illegal in many jurisdictions and states to inquire about criminal convictions, particularly regarding certain types of crimes and whether or not those crimes committed extend beyond a set-upon time frame. While this is a great change that is sure to help employers match with people who were convicted for less serious crimes, it may be problematic for each hiring manager or company to remember what those exact laws and regulations are. This is especially true in recent years, as many cities and counties have different laws regarding the issue compared with their state. 

New stories, books, and films have nearly glorified the prospect of pretending to be someone that we are not. While it sure makes for a great story plot, hiring someone who has flat out lied about their job history and background is frightening and can lead to lawsuits and financial trouble for you and your employer. If you would like to avoid this headache altogether, consider obtaining additional protection regarding your hiring decisions through a carefully executed background check. 

If a position has recently opened up within your company, or if you are looking to fill a new position, it is vital that you hire the right person for the job. It is safe to say that most individuals are honest, but there are those few people who will try to get one over on you just to land them a paycheck. Because of this, it would be wise to consider the obtainment of background check services to weed out any bad apples before you let them sign an offer acceptance contract. This will work to prevent hiring a violent criminal and decrease liability. This will also preserve your company’s integrity and public reputation, as well as your own.


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